Din Rail Transmitters

DIN rail mounted temperature transmitter that accepts most commonly used temperature sensors, slide wire transducers or millivolt signals, isolates and transmits them as a (4 to 20) mA signal to a host system. It can be configured by either of the following methods.

The transmitter is fully configurable in dry-configuration mode by which the connection to PC is performed with no external power source. The configuration parameters are stored in a nonvolatile memory. Exceptional digital accuracy of typically ±0.1°C is provided for most sensors regardless of the calibrated span. Internal Pt-100 temperature sensor provides precise cold junction compensation throughout the entire ambient range. Detection of sensor breakage or disconnection of input leads, forces the output to a predefined up/down scale value. The unit continuously monitors the sensor and automatically returns to normal operation mode when the sensor is recovered. The is housed in a plastic enclosure mounted on a standard DIN rail. Special red filter is provided for optimal view.


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