Signal Multipliers

Signal multipliers are primarily utilized for isolating input signal from output signal. It finds its applications where two or more output signals are corresponding to a common input signal and are completely isolated from each other and also from input signal and power supply (3 Port Isolation- 2kV). Some of the examples of this applications are Input Signal from Shunt (0-75mVDC) which requires 3 outputs, 4-20m ADC for monitoring to PLC &0 to /-10VDC for multiquadrant Drive (AC or DC), 4-20m ADC for monitoring to PLC & 0-10VDC for metering.

Salient Features

  • 2 kV Isolation between Input, output and Body (for 1 Output Type) and 2 kV Isolation between respective Outputs (in case of 2 or 3 Output Signals)
  • Choice of Inputs & Outputs.
  • Excellent Linearity.
  • Temperature Compensated Circuit.
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