Portable Gas Detectors

Portable gas detectors differ from gas analyzers in that where analysers are used to analyse a sample for a variety of specific compounds, a gas detector is used to monitor for, and warn of the existence of specific toxic or combustible gases and oxygen deficiency hazards. Typical measurement levels will be in the low parts per million level for toxic gas, while combustible gases are measured in percent LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), and Oxygen deficiency is measured in percent level.

Gas detection monitoring devices can be classified in one of three ways. A fixed system refers to a monitoring system permanently installed in the workplace (stationary). The detecting sensor may be hard wired, or use wireless signals to a central reporting station. Most will come with an auditory alarm system. The type of sensor used will be defined by the system, as well as the gas or gases to be detected. Fixed gas detection can be used indoors, as well as having outdoor use as a perimeter monitor with chemical manufacturing and petrochemical sites.

Portable gas detection refers to gas detectors which are worn or carried by an individual. Typically battery operated, portable monitors are used for toxic or combustible gas detection, as well as for oxygen deficiency monitoring in confined spaces.



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