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Float and Board Type Level Indicators

As the liquid rises in the tank, the large float also goes up, in turn moving the pointer on the graduated scale. The float is connected to the pointer with the wire rope which glides over almost frictionless nylon rollers, thereby ensuring trouble free operation.

Float and Board is a simple economic level measuring instrument for large non pressurised storage tank. Its is a simple float and counter balancing mechanism, float inside the tank and counter weight (scale pointer) connected by the rope wire which is moving freely on the pulley assembly. When the storage tank is empty position, the float located inside the bottom of the scale pointer located at ZERO level on external scale. If the liquid level rie in the tank, the float move upper side and scale pointer move downward on the graduated scale to show liquid level inside the storage tank. If teh liquid level turbulance inside teh tank use float guid rope wire assembly with ANCHOR for stability of float.




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